"There are precious few Einsteins among us. Most brilliance arises from ordinary people working together in extraordinary ways"
    ~ Roger von Oech

The Clearer Mirror

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 Shaping Growth
It's important that we realize that in growth exists the shaping of our lives. Growth means many things to many people. Growth is often easily identified. We attach growth to our material, spiritual, relational and economic needs. If you asked someone, "What does growth mean to you?".........
 Time Out
You may often think that life paints you into a corner. If you allow truth to be told, the corner can sometimes be a benefit in the result of your consistent actions. For many of us it is the first in many days that we have an opportunity to reflect on the actions of our lives. The corner offers a resting place for our minds to ponder new ideas and solutions........
 Permitting Opportunity
It's important that you empower yourself and others with permission. Lasting opportunity hesitates to not knock on closed doors. Before you can receive the opportunity in permission, you must be willing to give opportunity to others. You must also acknowledge that everyone measures opportunity differently.......

Where possibility encourages greatness....


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