"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world, it is the only thing that ever has."
     ~ Margaret Mead

Bridging the Gaps

What just happened?
You are expected to come home at your curfew. It's 10 minutes after curfew. Your not home. Your loved ones are calling you and you choose not to answer the phone.....
You just received your school grades. There are items on your report card that will not meet the expectations of your loved ones. You hold on to your report card until Monday. Though you received it on Thursday.....
Your loved ones have found cigarettes in your jacket while doing the laundry. You honestly tell them that they are not yours. They start raging about the hazards of smoking. You run out of the room upset....
Your friends find a flyer in the park that advertises the hottest party of the year. None of you have any idea who is givng the party. You want to go! You tell your parents that you are going to party at a friends house....
You and your mom have always been honest and good friends. You've got bad news to tell her. She notices that you are upset. You lie and say that your ok. You instead talk to tell your friends about your problem....
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