Bridging the Gaps

What just happened?
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When you are accused of something that you know you have not done, it is understandable that you would feel hurt. It is a great feeling to know that you are telling the truth. But a sorrowful feeling to know that you are not believed. There are a few questions that you should ask youself when faced with this challenge.

These are all qualifying questions that will lead you to understanding the importance in handling this challenge in the proper manner. You must understand that when you leave, the truth leaves with you. The good thing about your truth is that your truth sounds its best when spoken directly by you. Leaving an important discussion to be open to the assumptions and interpretations of others will in most cases hurt you. I cannot say this more than you need to hear it, "Noone speaks your truth better than you".

There is no promise that standing up for your honesty will be easy. I can only promise you that it will often be rewarding. Those that love you may challenge your explainations, but they will respect your effort in demonstrating honesty with intergity.

When you run away from the challenge of discussion, you often close the door to belief. Though the odds of the evidence may not always be in your favor. The odds in telling the truth will give you an edge. It's important to remember that most people expect to be told the truth, but they sometimes allow the evidence seen to form an untruth.

Though it may not feel like an opportunity when your being accused. This is where your door of opportunity in speaking the truth is at its greatest. No lie will ever overcome the truth in a battle of honesty.
To speak proudly of yourself even when your integrity is being falsely challenged is a very honorable action. Ask yourself this question, "Who do I honor when I tell the truth"? Let's forget about the action of defense. It's more important to focus on the action of integrity. If you were to answer this question in a truthful manner, you would find that noone benefits more from the character of your integrity than you do.

In choosing to speak the truth, while focusing on the integrity of your explaination you will find that belief is not far from becoming convincing. Even in being challenged, you will feel better knowing that you are a person with trustworthy character. Not a person of untrusting ways.

Often people will place their own struggles in belief upon your shoulders. But the strength in telling the truth offers you pride, joy, fulfillment and power.

In the power of standing up for yourself and telling the truth you will find the wisdom to tell the truth often and repeatedly. In this power of repetition you will never disappoint the most important person, yourself.....
Your loved ones have found cigarettes in your jacket while doing the laundry. You honestly tell them that they are not yours. They start raging about the hazards of smoking. You run out of the room upset....
"Great accomplishments have resulted from the transmission of ideas and enthusiasm".
       ~ Thomas J. Watson

Where possibility encourages greatness....


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