Bridging the Gaps

What just happened?
Another choice!
Deception is easy to engage and difficult to maneuver. Once you have placed your self in the path of deception, you have no idea what the future will hold. In life you will commit to many actions and situations. How you initiate these actions and enter these situations will determine the reactions of your life.

Though the adrenaline in deception may sometimes offer excitement. It is very easy to place yourself in an unsafe situation where assistance is minimal. Though you may think that in executing deception, you have won in the manipulation of your loved ones. You have actually deceived yourself through the actions of telling untruths.

The discovery of a cool adventuristic activity does not guarantee safety. What it does guarantee is unknown opportunity. In unknown opportunity you will often discover unknown risks. When you encounter risk, it is beneficial to be privileged with assistance. If you place yourself in an unknown situation, assistance may not be able to find you. You will then be left in the fortune of your own resources. You can only hope that they will be enough.

Your friends may have joined you in this adventure through similar practices of deception. They may also think that this action is cool and full of adventure. But now you have become a member of a group of at risk people. Safety does not always exist in numbers. I'm sure that if you really think about these decisions, you will find that safety is further from you than it appears.
More than often the right thing to do may be the first thought in your mind. Though circumstances may encourage you to take an action that is below the quality of your character. It is important that you remember that not only are you a quality of your actions, but your actions are a quality of you. In its reflection and result you will find an equal level of the respect and integrity that others will hold for you relating the action taken.

No one is more responsible for the action taken and results produced within your life than you. Making a choice does not always produce the results we would like to experience. But making a choice that embodies the integrity and honesty of your character allows you to maintain one of life's most precious gifts, respect.

The decision to place deception in front of respect is an action that cheats you out of experiencing the gratitude and appreciation of your loved ones. It also increases your exposure to stress. Once you have told an untruth, it is difficult to curb the enthusiasm of telling the next untruth. Telling the untruth becomes an addictive habit that can be very difficult to control. The truth doesn't change. Therefore stress is either non-existent or minimal in telling the truth.

You should ask yourself:

It's important to also remember that when your caught in the action of telling untruths, you place yourself in a postion of defense or shame. Therefore tell the truth and protect the integrity of your character.
Your friends find a flyer in the park that advertises the hottest party of the year. None of you have any idea who is giving the party. You want to go! You tell your loved ones that you are going to party at a friends house....
"Noone can be the best at everything. But when all of us combine our talents, we can and will be the best
at virtually everything".
      ~ Dan Zadra

Where possibility encourages greatness....


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