Bridging the Gaps

What just happened?
Another choice!
In realizing that as you mature in your personal life it will become more of a challenge than ever to share those intimate conversations with your loved ones. There may exist a fear of judgement or maybe even a lack of belief in your loved ones ability to understand what you are going through.

In your decision to take a path in discussion that is unfamiliar to both you and your loved ones, you are without doubt displaying actions of separation. Though we sometimes believe that reaching a certain age is the starting point of the need for separation and independence. I believe that age plays less of a factor than we think.

The want or need for separation is based more on establishing the private boundaries of our lives than it is on age. As we experience the activities that life brings before us, we all determine what ideas, intimate thoughts and discoveries we would like to share with those that have invested most into our lives.

Often we think that in restricting the disclosure of information we are protecting them from worrying or maybe even protecting ourselves from judgement. When in reality, we are actually establishing the boundaries within the growth our lives.

Though there is no harmful intention in taking this action. It does offer a feeling of disappointment and concern in the minds and hearts of your loved ones. There may even be a feeling of threat or loneliness in the receipt of your actions. Therefore be careful in its execution. For if you to choose to be candidly trivial in your actions of separation, it can be costly to the relationship you have so enjoyed.
It is important that you have a discussion with your loved ones concerning the appreciation of their support throughout the past and future of your life. You have become who you are partly because of the efforts and investment of those that love and care about you. This is a very fragile situation that should be approached with the utmost of care and consideration.

Neither harm or foul is intended by the emotions of anyone. In the measurement of encouraging your space you should also encourage understanding, and your happiness in growth. By being honest in your expression, and showing excitement for the growth in your life, you will not close the door on the experience of sharing those moments that you choose to include your loved ones.

Your loved ones will appreciate an earnestly kind approach in handling their feelings. You will also benefit from its heartfelt rewards. This is a time of celebration and appreciation. Not conflict and struggle...
You and your mom have always been honest and good friends. You've got bad news to tell her. She notices that you are upset. You lie and say that your ok. You instead talk to your friends about your problem....
"Only a life lived for others is worth living"
     ~ Albert Einstein

Where possibility encourages greatness....


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