"No matter what accomplishments you make somebody helps you"
    ~ Wilma Rudolph

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More than often we use the power of words to express ourselves or request what we want from our lives.Though words contribute to the results and development of our lives. Words are powerless when action is given its highest priority. What you do will always produce more results in your life than what you say. Therefore it is important that the actions of your life respresent the expectations of your life.
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Showcase On Giving
Millennium Promise works with impoverished communities, national and local governments, and partner organizations to implement high-impact programs aimed at transforming lives on the continent and engaging donor nations, corporations, and the general public in the effort. Their work is premised on the belief that, for the first time in history, our generation has the opportunity to end extreme poverty, hunger, and disease. Through their flagshish initiative, the Millineum Villages, they are now operating in 80 countries across 10 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Millenium Villages is an effective resource and contrinution in addressing problems such as hunger, disease, inadequate education, lack of safe drinking water, and the absence of essential infastructure.
Origin: USA, New York, NY Charity: Millenium Promise Purpose: End extreme poverty worldwide by 2025 www.milleniumpromise.org Information & Donations: Overview
Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda
Countries of Operation
Her His It's a Matter of Fact!
 In Sweden, 76% of mothers work, the highest percentage in the developed world.
Prior to the 1900s, in nearly every country around the world male nurses were far more common in the medical industry than female nurses. In current times, men now make up approximately 5.4% of registered nurses in the U.S. and less than 14% of new nursing students in a field now dominated by females.
Think About This! Ideas what where who why
It is important to anchor your ideas. Ideas are not promised, nor do you hold ownership of them for any set period of time. An idea is like a traveling salesman. The next customer is the best customer. Unless it is in the process of anchoring a sale...
I hate
I fail
I'm stupid
I always
Linguistic Assassins
These words have contributed to the destruction of more lives than cancer, heart failure and diabetes. They are more powerful than most of us think.
I can't
I won't
I don't
I never
Be careful of how you speak these words into your life...
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