Gifting Notes
Fatherly, when you were a child, I planned your future.
Not knowing who you'd want to be.
As life bends around your child like thoughts, I worried.
For I have experienced what life has in stored for you.
In every lesson, I passed on to you my beliefs and faiths.
For in your eyes I can only see innocense.
This I know the world will not consider.
So in every lesson I've shared my armor....
As God loves thee, so does your natural father.
For you were created in the body of my first love,
my first wish,
and a true blessing.
May we live forever as a family unit that recognizes God as the head of our lives and the governor of our souls....
I at first saw it coming in the wind.
It was true and it was beautiful.
Like no other the image brought warmth to the ideas I most believe.
It moved slowly so that I could see it clearly.
The closer it got, I saw it' truth.
When it arrived I knew it' name, "Parenthood"....
Sometimes you think with your eyes closed.
You see with your heart.
Those that you love are at the beginning and end of your vision.
Like the world you live in, you see in many colors.
You are a fruitful thinker and a wonderful friend.
In your actions you touch many lives.
The world will forever remember your colorful journey....
My Blessed Child
When the world breaths confusion on your dreams, don't give up.
In life one step forward is a destiny past yesterday.
If I could give you a dream to protect you from confusion.
It would begin with colors as beautiful as your love within.
This I know would comfort you.
For in my heart I have experienced the colors of your love....
Don't Give Up
Stronger than the winds of yesteryear.
Softer than the sounds of a new born baby's cry.
My memories are true of you.
Like a shadow your would've been wishes follow me.
I am your child.
The carrier of your future.
The next journey of your life.
For when you leave, your belief never dies.
So on this day honored by many.
I'll pray as I share our next breath...
Our Journey
"Never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up"
      ~ Jesse Jackson
There are times when each of us struggle to find the correct words to describe what we would like to say. We at PositiveShare would like to offer a few notes that we hope you will find to be helpful in your search for expressing how you feel to those you care about most......

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