Lord as I kneel I ask you to forgive me for those days of doubt.
For I know that you have never left me, nor foresaken me.
When pain overwhelmed the depth of my mind, you showed me that will and faith leads the journey to your comforting arms.
Though in my mind, my life was crumbling.
You were always there.
For this I Thank You for creating new puzzles in my life......
Awakened by the sunlight,
to praise a brand new day.
To our knees we gently fall and bow our heads to pray.
Oh Father dear so warm and bright.
We thank You for the morning light.
Another day so free and warm.
My child and I,
We share the same Lord....
As I end my day in prayer to Thee.
I Thank You Lord for loving me.
For when I lay my head to rest.
I'll sleep with ease for I am blessed.
I love you Lord in every way.
God bless the world another day.....
My Child and I
My Prayer to Thee
Lord, as I love Thee
my dream will soar.
Lord, as I worship Thee
I shall suffer no more.
Lord, as I believe in Thee
my pain will perish.
Lord, as I remember Thee
Your love I will always cherish....
Lord, As I
On my worry days I hold on tight,
to the truth you've claimed,
my Lord in might.
These days are short and gone again.
Where pain and sorrow are caused by sin.
But brighter days are soon to come,
as I am guided by the Blessing One.....
My Worry Days
"Never look down on anybody unless you are helping him up"
      ~ Jesse Jackson
In prayer we often find freedom of expresson, which often encourages hope in our lives. PositiveShare would like to offer a few words of prayer that we hope will bring encouragement into your life....

Where possibility encourages greatness....

The Prayer Chair
Lord, when I cry my tears are comforting.
But nothing gives me the strength to carry on like my belief in You.
These moments come often,
whether happy or sad.
But I always remember the blessings issued by Thee.
So as I pray,
once again hold me in your comforting arms.
For I will always prosper in your grace.....
When I Cry


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