It was a sunny afternoon during early summer and Jasmine Creek of Poleville, Kentucky was preparing for what she expected to be one of the greatest nights of her life. Earlier that day, Jasmine had received a bouquet of flowers from a mystery admirer. The note that accompanied the flowers indicated many of Jasmine's special qualities. It was two pages long and filled with the thankful history of Jasmine's volunteering efforts and kind gestures throughout the community of Poleville. The handwriting looked familiar but could not be identified. The last paragraph of the note read, "Jasmine, you are the kindest and most considerate person I have ever known. A day does not pass without you bringing a smile to someone's face. You may not know it, but several of our town members have commented on the pleasant effect that you have had on their lives. Through your own efforts of kindness and consideration you truly bring out the best in everyone that crosses your path each day. You are truly a blessing to the town of Poleville. At 06:00 pm, your best friend Stacy Cole will show up with a boxed gift to demonstrate my appreciation of the personal impact you have had on my life. Please do not open the box until we meet. There will be a small note that accompanies the gift with instructions of what time and place I'd like to meet with you to show more of my gratitude. Please do not question Stacy. She is bursting with excitement about tonight's meeting and has been a real jewel in assisting in the planning of this special moment".

Jasmine was both cautious and excited about meeting this admirer later that evening. After careful consideration she determined that if Stacy was comfortable with this admirer, she would be too. As the sun began to set, the time was approaching 06:00 pm. Jasmine began to feel anxious and filled with curiosity. The door bell rang. Stacy Cole was at the door holding a beautifully wrapped box that contained a georgous blue dress. Jasmine was taken by the fact that the admirer knew that her favorite color was blue. As she ran to her room to change into the new blue dress, Jasmine noticed that a silver locket was hanging from the shoulder strap of the blue dress. When she opened the locket she found a pearl colored sea shell. The sea shell contributed to Jasmine's thoughts of mystery and curiosity. She had no idea of who could be the admirer.

As Jasmine approached Stacy, who was sitting in the living room, she looked beautiful in her silver locket and new blue dress. While smiling with excitement Stacy walked to open the front door. Standing in the doorway with their back turned to the door was a tall male figure. As he turned to greet Jasmine, he said the words "The sun always shines when Jasmine is in the room". Jasmine could not believe what her eyes were seeing. It was Thomas Flores, her childhood friend and neighbor. Jasmine hasn't seen Thomas since his family moved to Illinois six years ago. Thomas's aunt, Melanie continued to live in Poleville and was often communicating with Thomas's family. Melanie recently told Jasmine that Thomas had joined the Airforce and often asked about her well being.

At the age of 14, Thomas and Jasmine's families went on a summer vacation together to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was a vacation that Thomas and Jasmine would never forget. While walking on the beach, Thomas disclosed to Jasmine that he has had a crush on her since the fifth grade. Jasmine admitted that she shared similar feelings. When his family moved away he was heart broken. He was a quiet teenager that was too bashful to express his feelings. For the past six years he has continued to harbor his feelings for Jasmine. He explained to her that the past two years in the Airforce has been life changing. The Airforce helped him to embrace life and take action toward his dreams. The one dream that has continued to circulate in his heart is dinner and conversation with his childhood friend. As Thomas held Jasmine's hand and escorted her to his car he whispered in her ear, "You are the best friend I have ever known. No one is more beautiful or kinder than Jasmine Creek". Jasmine looked to read the note, it said, "There's no time like the present and no place more precious than here with you". This was a night that neither Jasmine or Thomas would ever forget.....
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Jasmine Creek
"All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality"
      ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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