The moonlight glared like never before. This was the evening that Teresa Steff had been awaiting for the entire spring semester. A date with Jonthan Keepe, the most fascinating, exciting and gorgeous young man on campus. Jonathan was a senior and Teresa was a sophomore at the University of Somerset. Every girl in school wanted a date with Jonathan, but tonight belonged to Teresa. They met by mere coincidence. It was Saturday morning and they were both shopping in the neighborhood mall.

Jonathan was looking for a birthday gift to give to his younger sister. The gesture was not working out as Jonathan had planned. He liked everything he saw and could not make a decision in what to buy. From across the aisle Teresa noticed that Jonathan seemed rather confused. She slowly and unsuspiciously walked over in his direction. She did not want to look obvious and stalking. Her heart was beating very fast. She even noticed that her breathing had accelerated. This was her chance to meet the Jonathan Keepe her eyes have danced upon all semester.

Finally she spoke, "Hi Jonathan". She attempted to sound bashful, yet interesting. But there was one problem. She had just finished eating potato chips and as she spoke, a little piece of chip that remained in her mouth shot out and hit Jonathan on his cheek. Teresa was very embarassed. As she began to apologize, Jonathan began laughing uncontrollably. As he continued to laugh, Teresa became more and more embarrassed. Finally Jonathan was able to control his laughter. He told her that a week ago he was talking to his grandmother about holiday plans and the same thing happened to him. The only difference is that he was on the giving side of the incident, not the receiving.

His grandmother told him that he should be more careful in how he shares his food with others. She also stated that he should not be embarrassed, it could happen to anyone. Jonathan and Teresa both began to laugh. Their day was spent with Teresa helping Jonathan find a gift for his sister's birthday. As a reward of thanks for Teresa's help in finding the perfect gift for Jonathan's sister, Jonathan asked Teresa to go on a date with him the following Friday. Teresa never did remember what she was in the mall shopping for that day. But, who cares, Teresa has got date with Jonathan Keepe....
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positiveshare021003.jpg "There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will meet your goals only with the help of others".
         ~ George Shinn

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