Sunrise was only minutes away. The animals were all awakened by the same loud sound. It sounded like a gunshot, but no one was sure. Deep in the woods they could see the shadowy figure of a man holding a long narrow object of some sort. No one panicked, but curiosity was at its highest peak. The animals remained silent and still while they watched the shadowy figure move slowly through the forest. As he moved closer and closer the curiosity began to change into fear. In the past the animals have seen many figures of this sort in the forest. In most cases it meant that danger was near. But there was something different about the figure this time. The figure was limping and appeared to be in a state of panic.

Suddenly the shadowy figure fell to the ground and began to moan. Slowly out of the forest walked a dark eyed deer, named Sheena. Sheena's coat was a light dusty brown with several white dots on her back. As she moved closer and closer to the figure she could smell blood. The figure was injured. As she leaned over the figure she was able to see that it was the forest ranger. The other animals were signaled that everything was safe. But no one knew what had happened to the forest ranger. A thin grey and white speckled wolf name Tara was sent into the forest to possibly find out what had happened to the forest ranger.

Tara left immediately. As she followed the track of blood that was left behind by the ranger she noticed that there were also tracks of two other objects left behind. One of the objects was narrow and the other was wide, about the length of her tail. She did not see anything else that appeared to be suspicious. She then decided to go back to her friends. As she approached the injured forest ranger she noticed that his right foot was stuck in a bear trap. It was not noticed by the other animals because all of the attention was being placed on the blood that was coming from under his jacket. Sheena then attempted to release the forest ranger's foot from the trap. The ranger began to scream loudly. The pain was unbearable.

As he opened his eyes he noticed that the animals had gathered around him. Their presence did not frighten him. At this point he felt that he needed their help more than anything else. Suddenly Sheena and Tara began dragging the ranger toward the ranger's cabin. The ranger was startled. It was almost as if the animals could read his mind.

As they approached the cabin, the animals began to cry out for help. When the door of the cabin began to open, the animals ran back into the forest. Out of the door stepped a deputy forest ranger. The animals all watched from a distance as the ranger was taken into the cabin for care. As the deputy placed the ranger on his bed to rest, he asked him what had happened to him. The ranger told him that while he was patrolling the forest, he stepped into a bear trap. While trying to stop from falling, he shot himself in the shoulder. He then began to tell the deputy about how the animals saved his life. The deputy assumed that he must have bumped his head and was imagining the animal rescue. As he called the doctor he told the ranger to get some rest. No one else has ever believed the story of the animal rescue team. But who cares, the ranger and you will always know the truth.....
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A Cry For Help
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