Napoleon Hill interviewed the greatest business, politics, science and religion leaders of his time. The contents of this books were encouraged by a few of Napoleon Hill's famous role models, such as Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell. Even today the teachings of Napoleon Hill are being studied by governments and universities. In this book, Napoleon Hill's ideas of success were not just based upon the accomplishment of goals. He wanted his students to accomplish something wonderful with their lives. He encourages focus in one's life work to minimize those stumbling blocks that we all encounter. Hill encouraged his readers to resist society's promotion of acquiring material possessions and keeping up with tothers. He encourages his readers to cultivate the habit of saving and of doing more than what is expected of us.
In this book you will learn the principle secrets of filling your life with purpose and direction, perfecting your personality, building self-discipline, profiting from the Golden Rule and budgeting time and money. If you are seeking personal and financial improvement, you will find a wealth of advice, powerful encouragement, mental exercises, and self-analysis techniques that produce great results. In addition to Napoleon Hillís many personal true-life stories that encourage the seventeen principles. you will experience the stories of leaders like Bill Gates, Peter Lynch , and Donna Karan. They each serve as contemporary examples of what can be achieved. The "Keys to Success", is an inspiring motivational book that teaches people how to fulfill their ambitions and achieve success in their life through practicing time standing principles.

Keys To Success - The 17 Principle of Personal Achievement
In Napoleon Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, he has offered a collection of principles for the attainment of wealth and financial independence. Andrew Carnegie, an American Steel magnate eagerly encouraged Napoleon Hill to write this book. Andrew was fascinated with success and wanted to understand why some men became successful while others who lived and excercised in very similar circumstances did not achieve the same level of success. Within two decades Napolean Hill interviewed over 500 people to attain the success stories of such luminaries as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller and a few United States Presidents. Many of those interviewed began their lives in poverty. Through their own personal challenges, minimal education and lack of influence, they all managed to become very successful at amassing staggering amounts of wealth. Napoleon Hill embodied his findings into a 13-step formula that begins and ends with very basic principles.

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