"A certain amount of opposition is good for a team. Kites don't rise with the wind, but against it".
      ~ Doris Pickert
It's important that we realize that in growth exists the shaping of our lives. Growth means many things to many people. Growth is often easily identified. We attach growth to our material, spiritual, relational and economic needs. If you were to ask someone, "What does growth mean to you?". They may say that growth is in the increase of the balances in their bank accounts, the development of their children, the increase of love for their mates, the fulfillment of their educational goals or the maturity in the devotion of their spiritual beliefs. Growth should never be limited to a single experience. It is a conglomerate of experiences that are initiated by our daily actions.

Some may think that growth only exists in the shadow of a smile. Yet even in the frowns of our days, growth has earned it's place in our lives. Never let misfortune convince you that growth has abandoned your life. Within each of us exists the recipe for everlasting growth.

We can all encourage growth in our lives through:

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