Hello everyone….Welcome to another discussion of wisdom hall. Where today’s topic will be on “confidence”.

When I think of those great moments in my life, I realize that I could not have done anything without “confidence”.

In researching the definition of the word “confidence” I found the meaning to be one of:

     • Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way
     • Or a feeling of consciousness or awareness of one’s powers

You might ask yourself, what does confidence mean to you?

Does it mean that you are:

     • Better than others
     • Or maybe even smarter than others
     • Some may think that it’s because their prettier than others
     • or maybe even believe that confidence means that you are more popular than others

We should not forget that the meaning of confidence is often misinterpreted, not only by others, but also by ourselves.

During my teenage years I often mistook material success for achieving confidence. Those people that looked good, walked good, talked good and dressed good, I believed were very confident. But what I did not understand is that confidence is developed through character and not something that you can buy in a store or take from someone.

While I struggled with my own identity, I tried to compensate my lack of belief in myself through dressing like others to fit in. Even though I knew that my aspirations in life were beyond the clothes that I wore. I didn’t have enough confidence in myself to even create my own style. I felt that dressing like others would make me popular and build my confidence. But I was wrong! I didn’t understand or respect the power of confidence. As I matured in confidence through experimenting with new designers and the experiences of life, I found ingredients of confidence in being creative. I found that confidence is often something that you earn as a reward to yourself for making the right choices or achieving your goals.

You can’t wash off or paint on confidence. Confidence has its own fragrance, its own shine and its own way of talking. No two demonstrations of confidence are exactly the same.

Confidence can sometimes make you feel invincible. But, don’t be fooled by the burst of energy that confidence offers you. When you combine the words “self” and “confidence”, you should remember that these words are actually cousins of the words “responsibility” and “accountability”.

You should also remember that self-confidence doesn’t mean the same as self-indulgence or self-proclaimed. But, It does often mean that you have a high awareness of your own capabilities and a belief that you have a true understanding of the actions required to accomplish any given task. It’s also important that you remember that self-confidence is not only a needed ingredient of those actions that we initiate ourselves, but also those actions that are initiated by other people.

I once read quote by Maya Angelou that stated, “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refused to be reduced by it”. This is a very powerful quote. It demonstrates an air of confidence that should be supported by any leader. In this quote you will find that integrity, power, courtesy and the willingness to adapt to life’s challenges are all very close relatives of the word confidence.

Change is not a stranger to a confident leader. It is a stepping stone to opportunity and growth. It is the marrow of the leader’s backbone. While others tend to fear change, leaders welcome change. Change is considered to be an opportunity for a leader to grow into, not walk away from. The confidence imposed by a leader during the action of change can sometimes be misunderstood.

Unfortunately, some people will confuse confidence with arrogance. In their mind it becomes a false truth. When in reality, it is a true misunderstanding. The truth about a confident leader is that in the confident leader’s heart, there is an opportunity for everyone during the actions of change.

I believe that confident leaders are selfless leaders that encourage greatness in those that interact with them in their lives. There is a caring nature in a confident leader that brings the best out of people. Because confident leaders understand that John Maxwell’s quote, “One is too great a number to accomplish greatness”, offers strength and appreciation of combined talents.

Confident leaders will always have someone to support them.

You see, I believe that my God gave us shadows so that we would always be supported during those challenging times. So, when you feel that no one is on your side and even your loved ones are not supportive, turn your back to the sun, feel the warmth of life on your neck and kneel and touch the essence of your confidence. Because, in your shadow you will find the ingredients of your life….
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"Once you learn how good you really are, you never settle for playing less than best."
     ~ Reggie Jackson

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