Hello everyone….Welcome to another discussion of wisdom hall. Where today’s topic will be on,” fear”.

Throughout time fear has never been bashful. It is an emotion that induces you to be scared or frightened of its possibilities. Even in its boldest action you will find that fear has very cowardly and thievery traits. Fear doesn’t ask for permission to enter in your life. It assumes that it has been welcomed. But very similar to any other emotion, fear must be given permission to establish itself in your life.

In researching the definition of the word “fear” I found the meaning to be one of:

     • To be afraid, anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or action
     • An emotional anticipation of pain, agony or even defeat
     • To be in reverence or awe of something or someone

Fear can change how you feel about a person or situation. Its intimidating factor can control your life without you realizing its presence. Before you even realize how fear has established its restraints, you begin to make decisions that are based on probabilities and possibilities, not facts and hope.

When I was a teenager fear was the fuel that both restricted and launched success in the lives of many of my friends. Some of us realized at an early age that the foundation of fear is supported by choice, not demand. An example of how some of us understood the choice of fear would be how we chose to handle peer pressure. On many occasions I was offered participation in crime, drugs and alcohol through passive and aggressive encouragement and demand. While many others thought that getting high and committing crime was a cool approach to popularity and friendship, several of my friends took a stand on setting a new bar for being cool. Through our athletic skills we formed a bond that demanded respect on the basketball courts and baseball fields. Our talents were in demand by some of the toughest people of our neighborhood. Through local housing and park competitions we became a needed commodity in our community. We gained their respect through our strengths and commitments, not our weaknesses and acceptances in doing things that we believed to be wrong. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth every challenge that we had to face.

I can still personally feel the strength of the respect that I had established. There was a neighborhood ritual after every game to buy and drink an alcoholic beverage that was called 40’s in celebration of our skills on the basketball court. Even when the toughest of our neighborhood teammates would go to get their 40’s from the corner store, they would bring me back apple juice. The camaraderie never changed but the respect strengthened through every game.
The fact that they would purchase the apple juice for me became a huge symbol of achievement for me. Through will and commitment I had overcome the pressures of my peers. It was a great feeling. I strongly believe that these events contributed to the building of my character and the strength in my life.

Fear challenges your beliefs. It is in fear that we often find our beliefs to be tested most. But we should always remember that in action we will find the antidote of fear. Because fear, has a limited amount of power. Fear collects its strength through emotion, not action. Though fear offers caution, and caution sometimes offers security. We are not always as safe as we think we are in the arms of security. Security often offers restriction and bind within your life.

There are only limited life lessons in restriction.

We should always remember that in trying and taking action we will find the new and challenging lessons of our lives. This is why I believe that fear was created to be overcome. Though fear presents itself in a negative manner, I believe that it can be used as a positive tool.

Og Mandino, a best-selling inspirational author and positive life teacher was once quoted as saying, “To conquer fear I must always act without hesitation and the flutters in my heart will vanish”.

What Og Mandino is talking about is the effect of taking action in the presence of fear, even though there may be an existence of doubt. Fear doesn’t have to hold you back. Fear can be used to push you forward.

On many occasions in my life I have felt the restrictions and anxiety of fear strangling my possibilities through self doubt and procrastination. I’ve personally experienced, that it’s a horrible feeling to know that you want something so badly that you can taste it, but the scent of failure and fear overwhelms the flavor of success. But as I have discovered, you will also find, that fear not only affects your body, it controls your mind. It is extremely important that you remember that in your mind exists an unlimited amount of power that encompasses the strength needed to overcome many of life’s challenges.

I have also found that when I pushed through the fear and acted in faith and possibility, my opportunities became limitless.

I believe that how you think and what you do, will always contribute to your success in overcoming fear. Fear doesn’t possess any of its own power. It only possesses the power you give it. While your power to overcome any of life’s challenges is limitless, your mind has the power to either launch or hold you back. Therefore it is important that you remain in control of the thoughts that control the actions of your life. Your mind is one of the most valuable and powerful tools that you will ever use.

Nikki Giovanni, a world-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator was once quoted as saying, “I really don’t think life is about the I-could-have been. Life is only about the I-tried-to-do. I don’t mind the failure, but I can’t imagine that I’d forgive myself if I didn’t try”.

In this quote, Nikki Giovanni captures the idealism of one of your minds greatest opportunities, the opportunity of choice.

There’s a lot of power in executing the minds options of choice. In making the choice to try, we open the door to achievement. In achievement we build confidence. In confidence we find the ultimate antidote to overcoming fear. Fear is powerless in the path of confidence. So during those times that you are consumed with fear, seek the power to at least try a new thing, do a new thing or maybe even be a new thing! In this new thing you will find the confidence needed to keep fear in its proper place. Under your control!....
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