"We welcome into our lives those things that we believe"
      ~ Russell D. Mosley

Where possibility encourages greatness....


B u s i n e s s S o l u t i o n s
                             things that we really would like to keep to ourselves?
Why do we....
Do or Say
Whether we realize or acknowledge the power we possess in our thoughts is not the controlling factor in how others will interpret our thoughts. What we think materializes into both controlled and uncontrolled actions. Often those thoughts that we hope to not show in our actions, begin to show in illustration
without being invitated.The mind has the power to present action in many formats. An example would be, when you think that you are in control and about to say something deemed safe in discussion and the mind decides to bring those buried thoughts into a form of action that offers an unintentional result. Hiding from the thoughts that manifest in your mind is challenging. Some may even consider it to be impossible. Rather than challenging it's impossibility, I'd recommend that you take an inventory of those thoughts that dominate in presence within your mind. What you think most about will often rise and result in action. Therefore if you would like to keep a thought to yourself, then keep that thought from the foremost of your mind!
~ Though, what we think to be the obvious may not be true. When we combine those realities that are placed before us, we open the door to visit new ideas and opportunities...
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