"Courage is the capacity to confront what can be imagined"
      ~ Mike Krzyzeswki

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Connecting the Dots
In choosing a friend there are many important ingredients to consider when developing our friendly recipes. We should encourage and identify mutual honesty, integrity, empathy, consideration, respect, care and will that outstands the test of what life will place before each of us. Friendship is one of the immediate gifts that we are given when we offer these ingredients without strings attached.
While earning and spending money will always remain an important part of our daily survival. Money should never be the epitome of our existence in life. Money is a gift that we give to ourselves and others. Very similar to every other benefit that we welcome into our lives, money serves a given purpose. The purpose of provision. In this purpose we should always remember that provision is anchored with responsibility. Therefore be responsible with money and money will respond with its own gifts.
In developing an appreciation for the lessons that life has already offered us, we will discover that happiness starts in the awareness that nothing which happens to or around us today, is etched in stone. We are all empowered with the minds option of choice. We can choose to dwell on todays challenges or blessings or we can begin to work towards a better tomorrow. Choice of happiness is a powerful option. Therefore, use it wisely.
While there are many opportunities in life that offer negotiatiion, faith is not one of those opportunities. Faith requires a monogamous acceptance and understanding of its purpose and place in your life. We are all empowered with the choice of where to place our faith. But we must also acknowledge that faith has a jealous nature. For faith to work in your life, it requires your full attention.
Though deception has encouraged the opportunity of gain in the lives of many people, it's rewards are very short lived. Actions anchored in truth, establishes both history and records that will outlive any challenge that life can offer us. In being truthful we open the doors of prosperity and opportunity in our life. In most situations longevity in prosperity is a welcomed goal. Therefore, if we hope to experience prosperity in its purest form, we should practice telling the truth consistently.
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Connecting the Dots
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