"All men are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality"
      ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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What Is It About..?
Tough questions don't always require tough answers to clear the way for new perspectives. Often clarity can be found in a simple approach of new awareness.
The content of our "What is it about..?" section is strictly the opinions and considerations of our staff at Positive Share. At Positive Share we do not claim to be experts or medical professionals. Our only intention is to share those awarnesses that we have found to be true in our lives.
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When you surround yourself with family you engage one of life's greatest gifts, the gift of sharing. Engaging with your family allows you the opportunity of contributing both the best and worst of those elements that exist within your personality. What makes this opportunity so special is that family will tell you the truth about your actions, protect you from circumstances and comfort you when you are down. I believe that the definition of family should be known as "Those who God have placed in your life to keep you focused on who he created you to be!". If you think about it, your family does not always have to be biologically related.
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New ideas offer an opportunity for us to do or redo something differently or maybe even do it better than we have done a thing in the past. In selecting which new ideas are to be deserving of our time and commitment, we must execute caution in our selection of which ideas will actually be birthed into execution. A new idea can feel like a breath of fresh air, like a strike of lightning or maybe even a thrust of energy. New ideas show us that God is still working within our lives. I like to fill my idea cup until its over flowing. I hope you enjoy this action the same as I do.
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Fear is a thief that when allowed to penetrate your mind, can steal the essence of your belief system without you even realizing its presence. Fear will convince you that your ability is limited in its resources and that your development has no life. When we allow fear to invade our minds with false truths, we give fear the power needed to grow and manifest greatly in our lives. The result of allowing fear to become so powerful is what stifles our actions. When in reality, our actions are actually the antidotes of fear. So take action and prove fear to be a liar.
Growth has the potential of taking on a life of its own. It sees and realizes its presence even before we have acknowledged its existence. While most of us would love to be able to control growths time allotment, we are also intrigued by the mystery of not knowing when and how growth will display itself in our lives. Within the mystery of growth we find the encouragement to work harder and smarter in accomplishing the goals of our lives.